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Door handle (set) - Browned brass - ULLMAN 123 mm

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Front door handle from old Frederiksberg - Model ULLMAN 123 mm

The Ullman door handle fits both new and old front doors, and can be used with rosettes or the elegant backplates. The door handle is a large and classic front door handle, which Søe-Jensen & Co continues to manufacture according to the original moulds.

The door handle is made of solid brass and has a browned finish. The door handle is cast in sand moulds, which gives the door handles a perfect surface.

  • Dørgrebet måler 120 mm


ULLMAN door handles are sold as a set with:

  • 2 Door handles
  • 1 Door handle iron 8x8 mm
  • 2 Pinol screws

Model/Product no.: SJ.08-033P
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x Burnished brass (Surface treatment)
  • 1 x Door handle (set) - Brass - ULLMAN 123 mm
    Sold out - Order item (approx. 3-4 weeks)

Stock status: Surface treatment (3-4 weeks) PLEASE NOTIS NO RETURNS FOR THIS ITEM ORDERED

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