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Coupe door handles - Kay Otto Fisker

Kay Otto Fisker's door handle

The classic Coupé door handle is designed by the well-known Danish architect Kay Otto Fisker. He originally designed the door handle for DSB in 1925, where they were created for the train compartments (hence the name of the handle).

The coupé handle for DSB were produced on what was then called "Kjøbenhavns Dørgreb- og Metalvarefabrik", which today is known as Søe-Jensen & Co. Today, the handles are still being manufactured by, among others, Søe-Jensen & Co. that creates the handles according to the original molds via the authentic sand casting technique.

The Coupé door lever is elegant, classic and will at all times put the finishing touch on your home. The Coupé handles are available in many different materials and finishes, including brass, black lacquer, chrome, nickel, browned brass and copper.

Be inspired on how the Coupé handle can be incorporated into your home here.

Coupe door handles - Kay Otto Fisker

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