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Weingarden Door Handles

Also known as the Hellerup hansle or the S-handle 

The Weingarden door handle, Hellerup handle or S-handle was produced around 1860 by designer Thorvald Bindesbøll.

The door handle was created in connection with the many new mansion properties that were built in the larger Danish cities during this time period. Today, the handles can be found in all types of homes and on everything from gates and front doors to living rooms and bathrooms. The door handle is used both for interior doors and as a main door handle (the handle is available in both a small and a large version).

Made for both new and older doors

The Weingarden door handle is today produced by the the Danish manufacturer Søe-Jensen & Co. that has existed since 1862 and continues to produce the beautiful door handles by their original molds.

Søe-Jensen & Co.'s products are manufactured in a brass alloy with a very high copper content, which gives the brass a warm and a deep color. Moreover, their products are never painted, which means that the metal gets a nice patina over time.

In addition to this, all Weingarden door handles can be used on both new and older doors.

Weingarden Door Handles

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