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Cabinet knob - Britannium - POMOLINI - 34 mm

27,00 $

Cabinet knob - Model POMOLINI

A hand-molded cabinet knob from Italian Giara Art Design. cabinet knob is made of solid Britannium without lacquer.

During use, a matte patina is formed, which gives the knob a rustic look. If you want, you can polish the cabinet knob so it wil get the original look back.


  • The cabinet knob has a diameter of 34 mm
  • The height measures 25 mm
  • The foot has a diameter of 13 mm


The cabinet knob is delivered individually with:

  • 1 Cabinet knob
  • 1 Screw for mounting

Model/Product no.: 78070340
Stock status: In Stock
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  • 30 day return policy

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