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Buster+Punch Door knobs - Brass - Model LINEAR - cc30/38 mm

165,00 $

Buster+Punch Door knobs from the LINEAR collection

A pair of door knobs from English Buster+Punch made of solid brass. They are a part of the LINEAR collection, which is a collection filled with deisgns in ribbed lines

  • The door knob measures 51 mm in depth
  • The diameter measures 40 mm
  • The rosettes measure 57 mm
  • The distance between the screw holes is 30, 38 and 41.5 mm
  • Fits doors between 30 and 60 mm


The door knobs are delivered as a set with:

  • 2 LINEAR Door knobs
  • 2 Rosettes with hidden screws
  • Various screws for mounting


Key plates can be purchased in the same style

Model/Product no.: RDK-051053
Stock status:
  • 30 day return policy

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