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Furnipart Cabinet knob - Black ash - Model Pulley

7,00 $

Cabinet knob - Model Pulley


Kaschkasch has been inspired by the Chinese diabolo toy when they designed this cabinet knob. The knob is produced by Danish Furnipart, and is made of black ash.

Kaschkasch consists of Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, who have had the Cologne-based studio together since 2011, and with their collaboration they have produced a range of coveted designs, which you can see among Furnipart's permanent collection.

Kaschkasch's products create a formal impression at first glance, but on closer inspection, you will find an intelligent and challenging design language that tries to find new solutions to the requirements you have for the functionality of your home.


  • The cabinet knob has a diameter of 45 mm
  • The height measures 22.5 mm
  • Fits cabinet door thickness between 16 and 20 mm
  • Is delivered with 1 Pulley cabinet knob
  • Screws for mounting are included

Model/Product no.: 103390045-992
Stock status: Delivery 10-14 days
  • Quick delivery
  • 60 day return policy

Exterior - Interior Interior

Black, Wood

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