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Door handle - Brushed steel - Tom Dixon - Model FAT

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Door handle - Tom Dixon - Model FAT

A modern door handle with a soft shape, produced by Danish d line, which is known for its timeless Arne Jacobsen door handles. In collaboration with the British designer Tom Dixon and his design research studio.

The FAT door handle has a ball bearing system that makes the door handle extremely user-friendly. and follows Tom Dixon's FAT design philosophy, which is a minimalist design, with soft and generous edges that focus on material.

A Tom Dixon quote about the FAT door handle - "I think FAT can be used in any kind of high traffic building - from kindergartens, schools to hospitals and fashionable nightclubs. The point is that the collection has very rounded ends and an ergonomic profile that works in most places."

The door handle is made of the highest quality AISI 316 stainless steel and has a brushed finish.


  • The door handle has a length of 133 mm
  • The thickness measures 35 mm
  • It protrudes 83 mm from the door
  • The rosettes have a diameter of 70 mm
  • The rosettes have a center distance of 30/38 mm

The FAT door handle is delivered with:

  • 2 FAT door handles
  • 2 Rosettes
  • 1 Door handle spindle 8 x 8 x 92 mm
  • The screws and accessories needed for mounting


Click here for schematic


Model/Product no.: 12.9007.02.001
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