Turnstyle Designs Door handle - Black bronze Amalfine / Vintage nickel - Model B1339

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Turnstyle Design Door Handle - Model B1339

A door handle inspired by Winch Design, and Turnstyle Designs' collaboration from 2019. The door handle has the same dimensions as the popular Labyrinth door handle. But this door handle has a design based on "Shagreen". Which is usually called shark skin or manta ray skin.

The shagreen part of the door handle is made of Turnstyle Design's trademark material Amalfine, so no sharks or manta rays have suffered during the production of this door handle.

The door handle is made of solid brass, with a finish in vintage nickel, and amalfine in black bronze.

  • The door handle has a length of 116 mm
  • The thickness of the door handle measures 22 mm
  • The door handle has a projection of 65 mm
  • The rosette has a diameter of 52 mm


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Door handles
  • 2 Rosettes with hidden screws
  • Various screws and accessories for mounting


Key escutcheons can be purchased in the same style

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Amalfine, Vintage nickel

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