Joseph Giles Door handle - Brushed nickel - Model LV1086

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Joseph Giles Door Handle - Model ASHWORTH

A door handle from english Joseph Giles, made of solid brass with a finish in brushed nickel. The ASHWORTH door handle is inspired by the 1920s "Bauhaus" movement started by Walter Gropius, and despite the fact that the door handle is almost a 100 years old, it is still a popular choice for both architects and interior designers.

Although there have been several copies of this prestigious design over the years, Joseph Giles wanted to expand the concept further by experimenting with other materials and textures. The result is 'Ashworth' An extraordinary door handle with a timeless design.

Since the door handle was designed by Gropius himself, Joseph Giles wanted to remain true to his original design, however, they have made a few changes to bring the door handle up to date with current trends, including adjusting dimensions, materials and offering a range of finishes.


  • The door handle measures 144 mm in length.
  • The thickness of the door handle is 22 mm.
  • The rosette measures 52 mm in the diameter.
  • The door handle is suitable for doors up to 54 mm in thickness.


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Joseph Giles ASHWORTH door handle.
  • 2 Rosettes.
  • Various screws and things for mounting.
Model/Product no.: LV1086.01 BN
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