Joseph Giles Door handle - Polished nickel - Model LV1173

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Joseph Giles Door Handle - Model ADELPHI

A door handle from english Joseph Giles, made of solid brass with a finish in polished chrome.

If you are looking for a neoclassical door handle made of the best materials, then the ´Adelphi´ door handle is just the thing for you. The door handle is inspired by the Adelphi district in London. Which is filled with neoclassical terrace houses that focus on enjoying life in a big city to the utmost.

These door handles fit perfectly with buildings designed by Andrea Palladio or William Henry Playfair, who are famous architects in this style.


  • The door handle measures 149 mm in length.
  • The thickness of the door handle is 21 mm.
  • The rosette measures 52x52 mm.
  • The door handle is suitable for doors up to 54 mm in thickness.


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Joseph Giles ADELPHI door handle.
  • 2 Rosettes.
  • Various screws and things for mounting.
Model/Product no.: LV1173.01.PC
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