FSB Door handle - Brushed aluminium - Helmut Jahn - Model 1093

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Door handle - Brushed aluminum - Helmut Jahn

A door handle from German FSB. Helmut Jahn and Yorgo Lykouria began designing door handles without any notions of what the industry was like. After a long period of research and development, they came to this design which combines geometric and ergonomic elements. The result is an innovative door handle that quickly became a hit.

  • The door handle measures 137 mm
  • Rosettes and key plates measure 50 mm


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Door handles in Brushed aluminum
  • 2 Rosettes in Brushed aluminum
  • 1 Door handle iron 8x8 mm
  • 2 quill screws
  • 1 Allen key
  • Various screws for mounting
Model/Product no.: 12 1093 01391 0105
Stock status: FSB stock (delivery 15-20 days)
  • 365 day return policy
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